Port crane services

We have bought the port cranes from Port of Turku Ltd. Port cranes will be in our services on 1.3.2021

Crane´s lifting capasity and functions makes possible safe and efficient lifts.

We can handle for example containers, boats, project cargo and steel products.

Port cranes are:

  • knuckleboom crane number 13, lifting capasity 10/60 tons(quays 35-36)
  • multi-function crane number 14, lifting capasity 35/46 tons (quays 38-40)
  • gantry crane number 15, lifting capasity 40/48 tons (quays 39-41

Price quests:

Kimmo Iljin

kimmo.iljin(at) / tel +358(0)400 820 118


Crane orders:

Orders must be made in previous working day at 2.00pm latest.

info(at) / tel +358(0)400 858 096 (foreman)



Stevedoring services

We offer versatile stevedoring services in the Port of Turku. Services are RO-RO, LO-LO, projects and heavy handling.

We provide weekly stevedoring for two lo-lo vessels, sailing the route Finland- Baltic Countries- Norway. We have a great experience on handling steel products for example coils and plates.

We have experience also in handling trailers, containers, wagons and heavy components and special cargoes.


Terminal services

We offer terminal handling to import/export customers. Service can be temporary storing arriving and departuring goods,  longtime storing or loading and unloading goods. We have customs warehouses and we can do the forwarding on your behalf.

We can handle cargo in trailers, mafis, containers and wagons.


Warehouse logistics

Our use is over 40 000 m2 of cold indoor space and over 12 000 m2 of fenced outdoor space.

You can have a whole service package to your logistics needs: transportation, warehousing, bookkeeping and reports.


Container services

We load and unload the containers with great experience. We make sure that the cargo is secured and supported in proper way.

We can do the documents and weighting. With the reach stacker we can lift the containers anywhere in the port area.



With us you get container and railway services to Russia and Asia. The port of Turku is the only port in Finland, that have also european rails. We can transfer goods from wagons to other wagons or trucks.

We have also experience working with the Russian customs.



We are specialized in demanding projects. Here are few examples on our projects:

  • Shipping sugar factory to Russia
  • Shipping asphalt stations to the Middle East
  • Shipping saw dryers to Russia
  • Unloading from vessels, delivering and modifying the pipes for Turku Water pipeline (2008-2011)
  • Shipping with containers mining machines to USA and China
  • Unloading power plant chimneys
  • Shipping wavemachines to Bahamas, watch video of the latest project: youtube
  • Lifting the Föri (Turku city ferry)
  • Shipping trampoline park to Caribia
  • Unloading from vessels and delivering to the site the pipes for Turku Region WWTP Ltd waste water pipeline
Transportation services (with other services)

We offer transportations by truck or by sea in Finland and abroad. These services only with other cargo handling.

Customs and weighting services

We offer customs and weighting services with other cargo handling.

Weighting service includes VGM-weighting and documents.

Forklift services

We offer forklift services in the Turku area. We can come to your locations with 2-21tn forklifts. Our speciality is moving machines and heavy cargo handling.

Order here:

tel. 040 638 6996 / Suvi
tel.. 0207 529 777 / Office

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